Two Approaches To Life

Often the focus of my own religion, Christianity, mimics the same focus of American society- more, never enough, increase increase increase. We often spend too much time looking at our deficits, how we are not measuring up or good enough. We often look at our world and marvel at the injustice, evil, and immorality.

Faith is not deficit oriented. It is blessing oriented. Rather than anxiety, faith orients around grace. Jesus told of a love, a grace, a God that was breaking forth into our world. Jesus reminds us to open our eyes and look for the many ways the kingdom of heaven is bursting on scene into our world.

The ancients assumed that chaos and evil were everywhere and that God could show up and do something extraordinary in the midst of such chaos. Our assumptions tend to be more negative assuming that order and blessing should be the status quo. This sets us up to be in a constant state of let down when the waves of life crash over us.

Are you oriented towards deficit or blessing, limits or abundance, weakness or strengths? How will you allow the grace of God to shape you towards a center of love and grace?


One thought on “Two Approaches To Life

  1. Blessing in the midst of chaos. That is what this message and the video “When you find me” was for me midst the chaos that is fb, blogging and virtual CUC. Took me an hour to figure out how to post this message.

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