Charity, Church, and Social Media

ImageScrolling through social media news feeds and blogs feeds, I regularly come across friends who are raising money for a variety of service organizations.  I, too, have used my friends network to raise money for walks, runs, and rides that I have participated in for really good causes and organizations out there.  Here is what we know, our friends and networks will support us when we engage in a really great cause, project, or event.  

This is where my post gets controversial and my mind is openly experimenting with some various thoughts.  Do we believe in what we are doing in our congregations?  Do we truly think that our churches are doing good in the world?  What would it be like to take specific projects we are doing in our churches and ask people in our networks to support these projects?  Do we get nervous because the project is attached to a religious institution?  I would love to hear some thoughts.


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