A Remarkable Team

Being a member of a great team is priceless.  Right now at my church, Columbine United Church, we have a remarkable team.  Our Pastor, Steve Poos-Benson, and I have reflected several times recently on how and why we have such a great team.  Of course, many ideas come to mind.  Today, I came across the reasons.  Jeff Haden, a columnist for Inc. Magazine gives these 8 reasons.  Check out the article for more information on any of these:

1.  They ignore job descriptions.

2.  They’re eccentric.

3.  But they know when to dial it back.

4.  They publicly praise

5.  And they privately complain.

6.  They speak when others won’t.

7.  They like to prove others wrong.

8.  They’re always fiddling.

I think most of the traits apply to our team at CUC.  What I think makes us run really well are numbers 1 and 8 – we move outside of our job descriptions and we are always, always, always fiddling!


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