Church Tomorrow

Over the past eight weeks, a huge wave of energy has moved into my current congregation. Our staff is buzzing, our lay leaders are jazzed, and each week more participants are coming up to me wanting to know how they can get on board. Several questions are at the heart of this new energy.

1.) What does it mean to be church today?
2.) How does one participate in church?
3.) Why are people participating in our congregation?
4.) Why do most people not participate in a congregation and how can we address that?
5.) What, if any, are the differences between online participants and physical participants?
6.) Most congregations function in Stage 3 of Fowler’s Stages of Faith. We do a decent job of helping people get to Stage 4. How do we become a congregation that facilitates people’s journeys beyond Stages 4 into 5 and beyond.

The church of tomorrow is already arriving. It many ways it’s unmapped terrain which makes it exciting but also produces fear and anxiety for those who were really comfortable with the church of yesterday.


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