The Fall of Change

Many people have been outraged at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments. On this blog, I have discussed Wright and recent lashing he has received. Senator Obama has sought to create a message that he is different than other politicians and that he will bring change. I have never gotten on the Obama train, but I did somewhat believe he would be somehow different. However, today any trace of that hope was erased. Senator Obama ridiculed and denounced his pastor’s recent comments made over the past few ways. Rev. Wright had four very public interviews to defend himself, and Senator Obama further distanced himself from his pastor during this time. Senator Obama said the following regarding Rev. Wright: “What became clear to me is that he was presenting a world view that contradicts who I am and what I stand for.”

Rev. Jeremiah Wright has shared many beliefs over the past few days that I find quite invigorating. He rightly sees parallels between the Roman Empire and the United States (in the book of Revelations, John describes this empire as Babylon, the great harlot). Rev. Wright rightly contrasts the difference between the way of Christ and the ways of the empire that crucified him. Rev. Wright rightly wonders what evils our government is capable of doing.

My pastor and I were reflecting on the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament this morning. What astounded us was the similarities between the message of Jeremiah Wright and the message of Jeremiah the prophet. The language, tone, and feeling were very similar.

Senator Obama declares that his worldview is something different than Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This I believe is true. They share very, very different worldviews– Rev. Wright’s is one schooled in scripture. Senator Obama’s is one schooled in American imperialism. Thank-you Senator Obama for confirming my belief that you are just like every other politician.


7 thoughts on “The Fall of Change

  1. ” Rev. Wright’s is one schooled in scripture.” You cannot be serious?He thinks God should be on the side of killing all the evil white people. And if God isn’t, then God isn’t worthy of worship.Schooled in scripture? NO WAY

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