Googling Yourself

Have you googled yourself lately? What I’m about to say will seem very narcissistic– perhaps it is, but I google myself with some regularity. Today, I googled myself and found that Nathan Black (someone I assume that I do not know) at The Christian Post had written an article about my latest article If These Walls Could Talk. I think everyone should google themselves. It’s always interesting what you find out about yourself and others who have your same name– a hockey player, a race car driver, and someone from some band all have my name– or perhaps I have their name– nope, my blog is the first hit that comes up on Google– they have my name… at least for now. —-Disclaimer: I thought I would try writing a random post that doesn’t go along with the theme of my blog. If this post seems out of character for the author, your senses are not fooling you because it is very out of character. Indeed!


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