I recently posted a comment on Adam Cleaveland’s blog regarding his post on Calling. I found it very interesting. Calling is something that I grew up hearing and believing in a certain way. It was the idea that God had something very specific for your life– a specific careeer, a specific school, etc. We need to abandon such an idea of call… frankly because it has been taken too extreme and misses the greater call of Scripture… our communal call as the Church. We need to leave behind the individualist era that sees God carrying whether I go to Cal State Univ. of Cal. when people all around the world do not have such choices to make (so what of their call?). We seem to think God cares in particular for our small choices in life at the same time he seems to ignore major problems in the world– this individualist centered calling results in this kind of thinking.

How in the world do people still understand call in this fashion? We have a communal calling in the church, and it is the church that assigns us to a particular place or setting as it is engaged in prayer and discernment– that communal calling should lead us to an eschatological goal– the same eschatological goal that drove Christ– reconciliation of creation– which led to a challenging of the system, which led to his death.


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