The Problem With ChristianityUSA

Today’s headline of Pat Robertson suggesting the assassination of the Venzuelean President so angered me. This sounds like the middle ages. Christian leaders calling for outright violence and killing. Wow! Frankly, it is even hard to write this post, I am not sure what to say. No words can express the deep anger and frustration in me in regards to this going on. Of course, this one event did not set this off in me. It is in hearing these comments come from certain elements of the “Christian” culture here in the US over my lifetime. As well, the likes of Joel Osteen also get under my skin. I listened to him on TV for about 15 minutes a few nights ago. How can people really believe the crap coming out of his mouth? I am not accustomed to actually naming names in my post; however, I am really fed up, especially due to the fact that these people are very popular among certain “Christian” groups and with Osteen the popularity is growing. I see the same thing here in my city with a few of the popular churches and speakers right now. Many college age students are flocking to one church in particular. The pastor their is a very dynamic presenter with a very winsome personality. Personally, I think his teachings are often garbage and further enforce the very negative ideas that I have fought my whole life to overcome and get rid of. The true problem in all of this is that this supposed “Christianity” is nothing more than an idol that endorses the so much of our culture and adds some moralisms while acting as if it is opposed to the world system.
Enough ranting for now. Hopefully, I won’t do this too often.


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