A Revealing God

That last posts conversation made me think about how God relates to his creation. As we look around we can see the imprint of God on all creatures. In reflecting on this, I was reminded of a paragraph in Jurgen Moltmann’s book Creating a Just Future. He says/asks,

If we can find the “traces of God” in the nature of the environment, then can we
discover the “image of God” in ourselves.

How is God revealing Himself in us? What impact does this have on inspiration, revelation? We reveal God! As I moved from this thought to others, I began to become a bit more cautious. Are we not revealing our image of God? Have we not created God in our images rather than the reverse? Think of all of the things that you as an individual endorse as good, now compare these to what you believe God endorses as good– I think for most of us, these two things line up almost perfectly. Has we taken clay and made idols?
As I moved from this thought– it seemed to be a real downer and seemed to be so skeptical as to only end in total depravity of faith and reason– I began to think about scripture and Moltamann’s thoughts about the image of God. Indeed, God is revealed in all of creation, his fingerprints, his imagination, and his being are found everywhere– even in our idols! Then again…


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