A Socially Desirable Christianity

My title comes from Flannery O’Connor. Her writings always stood against such a Christianity that had been taken captive by the values of the southern American society. Indeed, often I feel like O’Connor. I look around and see how the church has been taken captive by consumerism, narcissism, apathy towards the human condition and pain, and a church that does not seek to heal the divisions, hates, prejudices, etc. that exist in our day. Instead, it often stands idly by and often supports this culture and at times is in the driver seat of creating such a consumeristic culture.
I do not want a socially desirable Christianity. Often many in the church will look at the problems in our society and say, “They need Jesus.” I think the true problem is that we, the Christian community, needs Jesus (his ideas, his ways, his compassion, his way of standing up to the religious culture of his day that did nothing to heal people and be with people).


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