A Twist on Twisted Desire

Recently a friend of mine posted the following:

  • It’s 11:42 pm here in Phoenix. Tomorrow morning I get on a plane to Philly at 5:30 am. Yet, I’m up posting to my blog. Why? Actually it’s more than that. I’m settling for posting to my blog. What I’d really like to do is revamp the whole site, add ton’s of content to the pages on swing dancing, and create create create. Why? No, I’m serious! Why? Why do we want to create? Why is it that I feel empty if I can’t point to something that wasn’t there before. What hole is going to be filled? In the past I’ve heard “We are made in God’s image, God is a creator, and therefore, we create.” Maybe this is true. Maybe I can go up to my hotel room, sleep for a few hours before returning to Philly, and learn to just be.

Here is my response to him…
Well, I do think we have an innate desire to create. However, I think that desire gets taken captive by our desire to be recognized, to be counted, to stand apart as distinguished. When we were in perfect community, we could create and know that we were creating to express our utmost desires for God and others and creation. However, we no longer have that security. We are naked. We desperately want to clothe ourselves. Often we seek to create in order to provide ourselves some underwear or to provide ourselves with a fancy suit. Nevertheless, even in the midst of these twisted desires, God’s creative act is coming through. A special person in his creation is creating. And even our twisted desires often have some element of wanting to express how we feel about God or his creation (however sometimes in the negative because of the pain we feel). I think it is better that we go on creating even when it is negative rather than stop creating at all. I think this is one of the points of the Bible. God could have obliterated us and stopped sin from occurring. But I think he felt that it was better to continue on rather than stopping. Something good still occurs. I think this is a refreshing way of looking at ourselves.


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