Should We Be GETTING From Church? Perhaps, Yes!

What are we getting out of church?I have encountered many people who say that this is the wrong question. They say that it is at the heart of the consumerist church. However, I think there is some validity to the question. Why? People have a deep sense of hunger and yearning in their souls. They want something. They need something. They desire something. The problem is that we try, do and give so many things to try and fill this void. This is the consumerism aspect of it. We have given them consumerism. As with anything, we give a little and they want more. They are thinking we have the answers, so they ask for more of this liquid we call programs. The problem all along is that we don’t know how to give people Jesus, community, and relationship. We as leaders know it exists, or do we? We don’t know how to give people these things. Yet, we know that this is exactly what people need. What are people getting out of church? Nothing but programs. What do they ask for? More programs. What do they really need? Oneness, wholeness—with God and with humanity. If we are not providing these, then we are candy stores. If we are candy stores, then we should give people candy. If we choose to be communities, then we need to give people community. Once they have it, then they can begin to learn the difference between a community and a candy store. However, they have to become a part of the community before we can begin this process.


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