I Didn’t Think, Yet I Still Am!

“I think, therefore I am.” This is the primal thought of the modern age. It is the standard by which we define existence. It announces our arrival as individuals. The individual that arrives under this premise is a lonely person whose existence is defined only in relationship to itself. S/he has become nothing more than a concept. For this individual, thought is the only standard—the only true reality. Thus, even God is nothing more than a concept and thought. Truly, in this existence, God is only a figment of the imagination.

God declares Himself as I AM. God is not a what. He is not an object of thought. God is a “who.” More importantly, He is the Who. Being a person in relationship to other persons becomes the ultimate definition of existence and meaning. As beings created in His image and likeness, we can echo these sentiments. We resonate with the words, “I am.”

What does this practically mean? How are we to apply this to life and catechesis? What is conversion and discipleship? If conversion is about transformation of mind (Romans 12:2), how must our idea of who we are and how we define ourselves change in light of this fact?

My existence means something to God. We passionately want in our inner being to declare “I am,” my meaning is not summed up in my thinking, but in being a person, in being a “who.”

This is the message we are bringing humanity. It is not a message of “becoming a ‘who’,” but of realizing that I am already a ‘who’ because of Jesus Christ. Indeed, I AM, therefore, I am too!


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