Just Walk Out

I think that it is important for us to recognize that many of our so-called church services/worship services are no longer. They are workshops, seminars, therapy sessions, and entertainment. Since they present themselves as such, they must be evaluated as such. I never feel bad walking out on such a thing. You don’t look to see how you can give to the other people in the room at a workshop/seminar. No, you go to get instruction. The church ceases to be the church many times on Sunday mornings. Sometimes, it is best to be avoided. Sleep in, Sabbath up, bask in God’s glory. However, I do think that true worship is taking place somewhere out there. Where true worship occurs, true community must be taking place as well. When these two things come together, we have a community of faith. Let us not overlook this simple idea. I love the Eucharist, I love the scriptures, I even love a good, prophetic sermon that calls us to God. I love singing great words to God and to other believers and non-believers in the room. But, if this isn’t happening, then get up, walk out, take out your Bible and spend time with Jesus. I do this from time to time, and these times are often some of my best connections with God and prepare me to do the ministry to my faith community that they deserve. (Most of this was written by me as a comment on another blog. I have edited it to fit this format.)


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