The Last Samurai is such a great movie. I was rewatching it last night and today. It has many truths in it– many of them double sided coins. We choose what our life will become, yet our life often chooses what we are. What does it mean to have honor? What does it mean to fight with honor? I thought hard about Jesus’s words about nonviolence and peace. Then I thought of all of the battles fought in the Old Testament. Could there be a honorable way to fight? I think just as there is a way to be a nice person without being a peace-making person, so also is fighting and war. We can be “nobles” fighting or we can fight noblely. Indeed, the Lord is a Warrior and He is mighty in battle– the LORD of Hosts HE IS. This is a story that whispers the ways of another life- a way of life that is more balanced and liveable.


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